Angel Assessments

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  • Angel Upgrade Announced

    Angel Upgrade Announced
    Angel Announced an upgrade to take place during the weekend before the opening of Summer 2010 Courses
  • Quiz Tool Replacement

    Quiz Tool Replacement
    We learned that our Quiz tool in Angel was being replaced in the upgrade by a completely new tool.....the Assessment
  • Angel Town Hall

    Angel Town Hall
    On February 11, 2010 a few members of Learning Design attended an Angel Town Hall meeting to learn about the new Assessments Tool
  • Assessments Unknown

    Assessments Unknown
    Unfortunately, at this time, not very much was known about this new tool. But we did learn that we were now able to begin converting our quizzes to the new assessments tool, to begin exploring.
  • Assessments Testing

    Assessments Testing
    I immediately began experimenting with the Assessments, and instantly realized that there were vast differences between the two tools, and many glitches and problems arose during the conversion process. This was NOT going to be an easy transition.
  • Learning Design Testing

    Learning Design Testing
    So, emails were sent out to the Learning Design staff asking everyone to convert to the new tool as soon as possible and report the problems back to the newly created Learning Design Angel Assessments Team. This team was now responsible for extensive testing, and sharing problems and solutions with the LD unit and Angel Support.
  • WC Assessment Team Testing

    WC Assessment Team Testing
    After re-fixing the Assessments tool, we realized that because of the Assessment's complexity and tendency to do the exact opposite of what one would expect, we should probably hold some training sessions for Learning Design on the new tool.
  • WCLD Training Prep

    WCLD Training Prep
    The Learning Design Assessments Team then spent the new few weeks developing a Training Session to explain the intricacies of the Assessment tool to the rest of Learning Design.
  • WCLD Assessments Training

    WCLD Assessments Training
    During the first 2 weeks of April, we held training sessions for Learning Design and a Conversion Workshop to assist everyone in converting their Quizzes to the new Assessments tool.
  • Questions Remain

    Questions Remain
    We were now feeling much more prepared for the upgrade, but uncovered a few new, potentially catastrophic issues, that needed to be addressed.
  • Angel Town Hall

    Angel Town Hall
    Finally on April 16 I attended an Angel Upgrade Town Hall, hosted by Angel Support, to hopefully get some answers on a few of our remaining Assessments questions. To my surprise, Learning Design now had more experience with the tool than anyone at Angel Support. There were no answers at that time to our questions......Angel Support was very busy testing "behind the scenes" issues, and not even aware of most of the problems that I had planned to discuss with them.
  • Angel Ops Meeting

    Angel Ops Meeting
    Angel Support then invited the World Campus Angel Assessments Team to join their Angel Ops meeting on May 6th to share with them some of the major issues we had discovered, our fixes, and our unanswered questions.
  • Invitation to host Town Hall

    Invitation to host Town Hall
    After our meeting with Angel Ops, we were then invited to co-host a series of Angel Town Hall meetings as Assessment experts, and train the rest of the University on the new tool.
  • Angel Town Hall

    Angel Town Hall
    Our first University-wide training was held on May 12.......2 days before the beginning of the Angel Upgrade. In attendance were multiple Instructors and Designers from departments all over the University.
    Our contact information was requested by multiple faculty and staff members for help with future Assessment questions or problems.
  • Angel Upgrade Weekend

    Angel Upgrade Weekend
    The upgrade took place over the weekend of May 14th-16th. Because of our thorough testing of the Assessments tool, we were able to help Angel Support preemptively fix most of the Assessment issues that could have been disastrous for the Angel users.
  • Angel Town Hall 2

    Angel Town Hall 2
    We also co-hosted a few post-upgrade University-wide training sessions with Angel Support for those who had either not realized the Quiz tool was being replaced, or simply had not worked with the tool before the upgrade.
    Angel Support also requested assistance from 11 Learning Design staff members to help them with the “Help Documentation” for the newly upgraded Angel.
  • Award

    On August 26th, 2010 we were given The Teamwork Through a Relationship Culture Award at the World Campus and Academic Outreach Annual Gathering for our assistance with the Angel Assessments and its impact on the University. We were truly honored and astonished to be recognized in such an admirable way for all of our hard work.
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