Canada's History by Skylin and Devin

By angellt
  • Sep 10, 1000

    Vickings sailed to new foundland

  • Sep 10, 1497

    John Cabot landed on Canada's eastern coast.

  • Sep 10, 1530

    Both Bridish started permanet settlements.

  • The hudson bay Company,Canada'soldest business

  • British defeated the French.

  • peoplein Canada wanted independence.

  • The war of 1812

  • World war one

  • Ottawa becomes capital of Canada

  • Great Britin passed bridish north America

  • All provinces except Newfoundland join the confederation.

  • women are granted the right to vote and hold public offic

  • Briain reconized Danada's independance.

  • Newfoundland joined in the confederacy

  • Winter olympics in Vancouver