Canada's History by Rachel and Azaria

By angellt
  • Sep 10, 1000

    Vikings arrived in Canada

  • Sep 10, 1497

    John Cabot landed in Canada's eastern coast

  • Sep 10, 1530

    Jacquesw Cartier landed in Canada

  • Sep 10, 1550

    French and British started permenent settlements in Canada

  • British defeated French

  • Canadians wanted Canada to be more independent

  • First transcontinental train traveled across Canada

  • Ottawa becomes capital of Canada

  • Great Britain passed the British North American Act

  • More Canadians wanted more independence

  • Link between eastern and western Canada was needed

  • Construction started on Canada Pacific Railway

  • Gold was found in North West Yukon Territory

  • All Provinces except New Foundland joined the confederation

  • Women were granted the rigth to vote

  • Prime Minister of Canada signed fishing treaty with U.S.

  • Britain recognized Canada as an independent nation

  • New Foundland finaly joined

  • Canada passed Constitution Act

  • Winter Olympics in Vancouver