Canada's Hiostry by Dakota and Jordon

By angellt
  • Sep 10, 1000

    vikings arrived in canada

  • Sep 10, 1497

    John cabot on the eastern coast of canada

  • Sep 10, 1530

    Jacques Cartier landed in canada

  • Sep 10, 1550

    british and french war

  • british defeat french on the plains of abraham

  • people in canada wanted to be independent

  • canadians wanted more independance

  • british passed north act

  • canada joins the east to west

  • constuction began on the pacific railway

  • first continental trai crossed the railway through canada

  • gold was discovered

  • all except new foundland joined

  • william lyon signed a fishing treaty

  • the britan found canada independant

  • newfoundland finally joins

  • canada passed the constitution

  • winter olynpics in vancouver