Canada's History by Karlie and Luke E.

By angellt
  • Sep 10, 1000

    Vikings arrived in Canada

  • Sep 10, 1497

    John Cabot landed on Canada's easturn coast.

  • Sep 10, 1530

    French explorer Jacques Cartier landed on Canada. And claimed for France.

  • Sep 10, 1550

    French and British started permanent settlements in Canada.

  • British defeated the French in battle.

  • People wanted to be independant.

  • Great Britain passed British North American Act.

  • Between eastern and western Canada was needed.

  • Construction began on the Canadian Pacific railway.

  • A train traveled across Canada.

  • Gold was discovered in Yukon Territory.

  • Other provinces, except Newfoundland, joined the confederation.

  • Newfoundland joined.