Tristan and James's civil war timline

By mrhaney
  • Slavery grows

    Slavery grows
    Slavery grows in the south.
  • Period: to

    The growth of war

  • New creation

    New creation
    A new cotton tool was created.
  • TAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congress passed high tariffs on goods made outside the country.
  • The comprimises of 1820,1850,and 18504

    The comprimises of 1820,1850,and 18504
    THe comprimises made us grow further apart.
  • the abolisinists

    the abolisinists
    The abolisinist movement grew quickly in the 1830s and the 1840s.
  • Big News

    Big News
    Wiliam Lloyd Garrison published the liberator.
  • Law!!!!!

    Congress made the fugitve slave law.
  • Soverignty

    Congress passed the Kansas,Nebraska act.
  • Dred Scott Case

    Dred Scott Case
    The Supreme Court said he was a propertie.
  • John Brown's Raid

    John Brown's Raid
    A abolishonist called John Brown made a raid on a Union military outpost.
  • Divided

    The north and south were deeply divided.
  • War in the South

    War in the South
    The south soldiers attaked the union fort called Fort Sumter.