Canada's History

By angellt
  • Sep 1, 1000

    Norse settle in Newfoundland

  • Mar 1, 1497

    Cabot reaches Newfoundland

  • Aug 3, 1534

    Jacques Cartier lands in Quebec and claims it for France

  • Missionaries arrive in Quebec

  • 1670 The Hudson's Bay Company (fur trading) is founded by The British

  • Joliet and Marquette explore the Mississippi River

  • the French and Indian War

  • War of 1812

  • Ottawa becomes a capital of Canada

  • Canada becomes a confederation

  • Canada completes the transcontinental railroad

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  • World War I

  • Women granted the right to vote and hold public office.

  • Newfoundland enters Confederation as the last province to join.

  • The National Flag, Maple Leaf, makes its first appearance

  • Canada turns 100 years old and celebrates the 1967 Worlds Fair in Montreal

  • "O Canada" is proclaimed the National Anthem.

  • Canada, United States and Mexico launch the North American Free Trade Agreement

  • Winter Olympics in Vancouver