Sydney Harbour Bridge Timeline

Timeline created by pinaybabay
  • The start of the Construction

    The start of the Construction
    This was the start of the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. That is so called the "coathanger".
  • Continuation of construction

    Continuation of construction
    There was great excitement on 20 August 1930 after the arch was successfully joined at 10pm the night before. The steel decking was then hung from the arch and was all in place within nine months, being built from the centre outwards to save time moving the cranes.
  • Project neared completion

    Project neared completion
    As the project neared completion, the last of approximately six million Australian made rivets were driven through the deck.
  • Bridge test

    Bridge test
    The bridge was test loaded using up to 96 steam locomotives placed in various configurations
  • Opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

    Opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge
    Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened. This was a momentous occasion, drawing huge crowds (between 300,000 and one mill. people). The NSW Premier, John Lang, officially declared the Bridge open. However, Captain Francis De Groot of the military group, the New Guard, slashed the ribbon before him with a sword.
  • The celebration

    The celebration
    The opening celebrations included decorated floats, marching groups and bands through the city streets. The celebrations continued with a gun-salute, passenger ships under the Bridge, and a carnival.