Caterpillar chrysalis adult

Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly

  • Butterfly lays Egg

    Butterfly lays Egg
    The First Stage: The EggThe butterfly lays an egg on a leaf, which starts the approximate 30 day cycle of metamorphosis.
  • Period: to

    Four Stages: Egg-Larva/Caterpillar-Crysalis-Butterfly

  • Egg Hatches into Larva

    Egg Hatches into Larva
    School Tube: Stage 2-Larva or Caterpillar Once inside the egg for 3 or 4 days, it hatches into a larva or caterpillar. It stays at this stage for 10-12 days. Its main goal is to eat!
  • Larva Forms a Chrysalis

    Larva Forms a Chrysalis
    School Tube: Stage 3- Forming a Chrysalis Once the larva has reached a certain size, it begins to form a chrysalis. They attach to a tree branch or firm leaf or twig and remain in the chrysalis for 10-12 days.
  • Adult Butterfly emerges out of Chrysalis

    Adult Butterfly emerges out of Chrysalis
    The Fourth Stage: A Butterfly After spending some time in the constraining chrysalis, the adult butterfly breaks out! Its wings are weak at first, but after pumping blood out to its wings, it quickly learns how to fly.
  • Adult Butterfly lives for 6-12 weeks

    Adult Butterfly lives for 6-12 weeks
    SchoolTube: Overview of Stage 3 and 4 The adult butterfly generally lives for about 6-12 weeks during the summer. If it is the last generation of Monarch butterflies in the fall, they will have to migrate in order to keep their population alive for next year after winter is over.