Education and Me

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    Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ
    (It will not let me put in 4 BC but that is what the date should be) My faith is really important to me and affects every aspect of my life. This is a guess to the date on which Jesus Christ was born. II think this will greatly affect how I teach in the future. I hold myself to high standards so I will try to teach to the best of my ability and try to be fair and respectful in all that I do. I also think that my faith will help me in the hard times when I am tiredand will help me press on.
  • Friedrich Froebel

    Friedrich Froebel
    This man believed that humans are creative beings and recognized that in order to teach them, you must use creative and experiencial methods. He also was the man who created kindergarten. He said that, "through engaging with the world, understanding unfolds." You have to step out of the classroom to really learn. I love this methodology and it truly made me think about all the field trips and projects I want to have my students do so that they are really understanding the course material.
  • Testing evolved

    Testing evolved
    It was during the 1800's when evaluating learning began to emerge in schooling. Students were required to give recitations of their lessons and knowledge they learned. I believe this was extremely important to education because it is a way to measure the learning taking place in the classroom. Without being able to evaluate how much students have learned, it is very difficult to know how effective the teacher is and whether or not the students are ready to move on to the next lesson.
  • Progressivism

    Progressive video
    This movement was founded by John Dewey. He wanted his students to learn by doing and acting. He used many differen teaching methods in the classroom because he recognized the different needs of the children. I like this philosophical perspective on education because I know from personal experience that students learn in very different ways. It is important that teachers incorporate different strategies so that all students can succeed in the classroom.
  • Computers

    This is when the first computer was created. I think that technology plays such a key role in education. It can be so productive in a classroom since now information is available to us in seconds. I think it is important to teach students how to correctly and efficiently use technology because it can truly aid them in understanding a wide variety of topics. I can't imagine a classroom without technology and it will greatly help the way I teach in the future.
  • Brown vs. Board of Education

    Brown vs. Board of Education
    This case caused the desegregation of American schools. This is a very important case to me because I really believe in equality for all and love other cultures and backgrounds. I think it's really important that we learn from others and their differences and there is no better way to do that than in a classroom. I really want to get to teach students that are of different races and cultures than me so that I can learn from them.
  • Education Song

    Video This is a song called Flowers are Red by Harry Chapin. This song talks all about how some teachers have taught their students that there is a way that everything is done and it can't be done in any other way. Sometimes abstract thinking and creativity has been frowned upon. I think this song is a good depiction of this and how it can be detrimental to children. I think abstract and creative thinking should be encouraged.
  • Teach for America

    Teach for America
    Teach for America is an amazing organization that goes into urban schools and promotes excellent teaching. I love this organization because they see a problem and are working towards fixing it. I may want to participate in this program because our public school systems are doing poorly and if I have any chance to help I want to take it.
  • Mr. Holland's Opus

    videoThis is a movie about a teacher who truly tried to make his subject relatable to his students. His passion transferred over to them and he made a huge impact on their lives. This inspires me to try to really get to know the students I teach and to make lessons that are applicable to their lives. I hope that students will look back and find the material they covered useful in their every day lives. It also showed how much teaching changed his life and I think I will learn just as much as I teach.
  • Schooling Overseas

    Schooling Overseas
    For one year of my life my family and I lived in Germany. Here I attended an English speaking school. I remember loving getting to interact with the Germans in my class and learning games and things all about their culture. I grew up loving different cultures and one day I really hope to teach overseas in a town that is in desperate need of good education. I have traveled all over the world and have seen poor countries and wish to do a small part in helping these countries.
  • Period: to

    Hawken School

    I attended Hawken School for lower and middle school and recieved an excellent education. I was taught to question things and to think abstractly about material. I loved recieving homework and loved going to school every day and so I gained a love for education at an early age. I had amazing teachers that truly made me do my best. I am very thankful that I received this strong foundation.
  • Educational Computer Games

    Educational Computer Games
    I remember loving playing education computer games growing up. I always played Reader Rabbit and it really helped me with my reading. I also greatly enjoyed Type to Learn because it made typing enjoyable. I think these are great tools teachers can use to really get students excited about learning. I would look forward to the time when I got to play these games and I think all children enjoy them. I hope to use lots of fun games and activities in the future to teach my students.
  • Freedom Writers

    Freedom Writers
    Freedom Writers This movie greatly impacted me. I love the teaching method of Erin Gruwell. She got to know her students and totally recreated her curriculum so that it related to the students. And she also brought the topics to life for the students. When they were studying the Holocaust, she had them read stories about survivors, visit a Holocaust musuem, and even had a survivor come and talk to the class. I really admire this.
  • State Budget Cuts

    Because of the bad economy, states began to cut budgets on a lot of important services, including education. Virginia alone cut $700 million in education. This greatly hurts the abilities of educators to teach their students. Children suffer if teachers don't have resources. Schools also began cutting out after school programs and art programs. This is detrimental because I believe that the arts are so essential to a well-based education. I hope to incorporate the arts in my teaching.
  • Preschool Teacher

    Preschool Teacher
    At my church I was a preschool Sunday school teacher. This gave me the chance to come up with lessons and activities each week. I fell in love with the children I was teaching and could definetly tell that I am very passionate about teaching from this experience.
  • Fantastic teacher

    Fantastic teacher
    For 12th grade, I had a fantastic teacher that really left a huge impact on me. He truly taught me that a teacher goes beyond the classroom and has the potential to leave a huge impact on your life. This teacher was always asking how we were doing and truly showed an interest in our lives. And everyone knew that if they needed advice or help he would be a wise safe chioce that would help you. And now after being out of his class for 3 years, he still checks in with me to see how I am doing.
  • Teaching in Thailand

    Teaching in Thailand
    Last summer I traveled to Thailand on a mission trip. Here, we went into schools and taught English and then gave testimonies and did skits. This picture shows me teaching the name of each body part. This was an exciting time for me because it allowed me to see what teaching would be like. I fell in love with teaching on this trip and it solidified my desire to go into education.
  • Waiting For Superman

    Waiting For Superman
    I read this book recently and it completely shocked me. It is apalling what most of our children in the United States are going through in regards to education. I went to private school all my life so I really never experienced public schooling. It made me question the education system we have right now. I evaluated whether I want to teach in a public school or private school. Now, I greatly feel like I want to teach in a public school and try to give these children a better education.
  • Hathaway Brown

    Hathaway Brown
    For my Education 100 class I was recquired to do ten hours of observing in a classroom. For these hours I observed fifth grade at Hathaway Brown. I got to see all of the different subjects and got to interact with the teachers. They really provided me with a lot of insight and I loved the girls that they had as students. I thought I would only like to teach the really little kids. But from this experience I could definetly see myself teaching 4th and 5th grade so I am going to do the endorsement
  • Socratic Questioning

    Socratic Questioning
    Socrates philosophy in teaching his students was to ask them constant questions. He would answer their questions with another question so that they were constantly having to think and come up with the answers on their own. It really encouraged the students to take a hold of their education. I like his philosophy and think that instead of constantly just giving students answers to questions, it would be more helpful to help them to come up with the answers on their own.