French and Indian war

  • Jan 6, 1352


    The plymouth colonly was originaly founded in
  • Aug 3, 1492

    Chrisopher Columbus

    Chrisopher Columbus
    Christopher Columbus discovered america in 1492
  • Jamestown

    The Jamestown colony was created by the Virginia colony
  • New Amsterdam to New York

    New Amsterdam to New York
    On febuary 6,1609 the Dutch explored New Amsterdam. Then it wass disovered in 1626
  • William Penn creates Pennsylvania

    William Penn creates Pennsylvania
    William Penn foound pennsylavnia and named it after himself because he got the land given to him by King Charles II
  • Massachusetts Bay

    The Massachusettes Bay was found by the british on October 7 1691
  • Albany congress

    Albany congress was created in 1754. Albany had a plan which led to the Revolutionary war
  • George washington

    George washington
    In 1758 George Wasington assulted fort Duquesne
  • French andIndian war ends

    The French and indiain war ended in 1748 with a signed Peace tready