How we gained our independence

  • 1607 Jamestown Virginia

    1607 Jamestown Virginia
    Jamestown Virginia is the first successful English settlement is founded. It was the first down to be established by people putting their differences aside and working together
  • 1620 the Pilgrims sign the Mayflower Compact

    1620 the Pilgrims sign the Mayflower Compact
    This was important because it was the first governing document of the Plymth Colony
  • 1669 John Locke

    1669 John Locke
    John locke uses his theroies to form the constitutions
  • 1754 Albany Congress

    1754 Albany Congress
    In 1754 Franklin proposed the idea of unity. He said there should be delegates or representatives from all 13 colonies. Then the body would have the power. This was the idea that created out government
  • 1775 Stamp Act

    1775 Stamp Act
    When the stamp act was passed it outraged the people and that was the point when the people began to take things into their own hands.
  • 1773 Boston Tea party.

    1773 Boston Tea party.
    This was the first real act the colonists did against the British. It was their way of saying they were not going to take their rules anymore
  • 1776 Declaration of Independence

    1776 Declaration of Independence
    Once the Declaration of Independence was signed the Colonists were finally free