Part B

  • Dad being born.

    John Paul Bennett Jr was born :) my dad.
  • Civil rights act...

    Civil Right Acts restores tribal law to Reservations. This is POLITICAL
  • Mom being born

    Janice Elaine Bennett was born.
  • Lyndon Johnson..

    Lyndon Johnson..
    Lyndon Johnson served his term from 1964-1969. This is POLITICAL
  • John...

    My oldest brother john was born.
  • Ozone hole found...

    The ozone hole was found over Antartica. This is ECONOMICAL.
  • George Bush Sr...

    George Bush Sr...
    George W Bush Senior served his term, from 1989 til 1993. This is POLITICAL.
  • Jessica and Jacob

    My second oldest brother and sister were born..they're twins.
  • Me being born. :)

    Julia Lynn Bennett was born on this day :)
  • Bill Clinton..

    Bill Clinton..
    Bill Clinton is serving his term at this time. From 1993-2001. This is POLITICAL.
  • My cousin..

    My cousin moved in with us for a couple years.
  • Robust Economy...

    Robust Economy...
    The robust economy creates the longest prosperoty on US history! This is ECONOMICAL.
  • Moving to Southern Maryland

    We moved here from Prince Georges County.
  • US Nuclear....

    US Nuclear....
    US nuclear superiority and continental inadequacy..and animals are being cloned.
  • Florida...

    My first trip to Florida. We went to Fort Myers.
  • Iraq war..

    Iraq war..
    The begining of the Irag war. This could be POLITICAL or ECONIMICAL.
  • Democrats...

    Democrats gain control of both houses of congress in Midterm elections. This is POLITICAL.
  • Getting my first phone.

    Getting my first phone.
    I got a Sanyo Katana. It was my first real cell phone;
  • First day of highschool!

    I started ninth grade at Northern High School. :)
  • Michael Steele...

    Michael Steele...
    Michael Steele is selected by the Republican National Committee to be its chairman. He is the first African American to hold that position. This is POLITICAL.