Nick's Life

By 59880
  • I was born

  • Period: to

    My life so far

  • Brother is born

    I have a brother I can play with.
  • Kindergarten

    Going to kindergarten got me new friends and new experiences.
  • Moved to Colorado

    I had to give up a bunch of friends, but I soon got new friends.
  • My Dad Changed Jobs

    My dad used to work at home on the computer. Now he works in a restaurant.
  • First Cell Phone

    I was now able to call and text my friends from most places.
  • Eco Week

    I got to learn about Pingree Park and the Mummy.
  • Graduated 6th

    I had to lose a bunch of friends to go to middle school.
  • First Day of Middle School

    I learned how to oplerate periods and lockers.
  • Disneyword

    This was the first time I had gone to Disneyworld, so it was a new experience for me.
  • Grandfather Died

    This was the first time I have had a death in the family while I was alive.