Brendan's Timeline

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  • I was born.

    On January 24 1997 at 6:10am I was born in Fort Collins.
  • Little Brother Born

    My little brother was born on January 10 two weeks before my birthday. We had alot of good times and will have many more. He is a great brother.
  • First Time Skiing

    First Time Skiing
    When I first started skiing I would take 2 or 3 runs and quit. Now I am a great skier and can ski anything. I wouldnt have gotten this far whithout going that one time in December.
  • First Time Camping

    We drove up to Vedavoo. Now adays we bring abounch of fireworks. I love camping so if this day hadn't come about I wouldn't have continued camping.
  • First Day of Kindergarden

    I was terrified of going to a new place, but when I got there I didn't want to leave. It was actually a very fun year.
  • Cat Ran Away

    I wasn't really sad because he just wasn't there one day. he also always took a couple of day walks and he just never came back.
  • My Dog Dies

    My first dog died that September. he was the best dog ever. He was energetic, but not hyper. He lived to be 16 even with a tumor.
  • I Went To Canada

    I loved going to Canada. It rained every day, and the trees were as tall as skyscrapers.
  • i started Middle School

    I was scarred and excited at the same time!
  • I turned 13!

    I was a teen! I was excited to finnaly be a teenager, i could do things myself! I was sad because i wasnn't a kid any more.
  • Present Day