american history A

By 2041562
  • WWI

    the germans sunk the britsh steam boat falaba
    greman submarine sinks Lusitania
    germany sinks the Arabic, another British liner, killing two americans
  • Period: to


    Spanish Civil war
    Japanese pilots bomb and sink American gunboat USS Panay
    1939 Germany annexes Czechoslovakia and invades poland
    1939 Septeber first, WWII commences in Europe with Germany's invasion of Poland
    1939 Declaration of Panama U.S. defenses
    1940 Franklin D. Roosevelelt elected president for third term
    1940 battle of Britain
    1940 Destroyer-Base deal between U.S. and Britain
    1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
    1941 US enters World War II
    1944 Franklin D Roosevelt dies
  • WWII

    April 12, 1945 franklin d. roosevelt dies
    Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    Germany surrenders; Japan surenders