T sydney harbour bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge

  • Construction

    In 1923, 799 homes and a high school campus were demolished in preparation for construction. The owners of these homes received compensation, but their occupants did not
  • COnstruction of Arch

    COnstruction of Arch
    Construction of the arch of the bridge began in 1929, with two separate teams building the arch on each side using creeper cranes. The first panel was erected on the southern side in March 1929. The southern end of the bridge was worked on a month ahead of the northern end, in order to detect any errors and to ensure that they did not happen on the northern side.
  • Harbour Bridge completed

    Harbour Bridge completed
    Harbour Bridge was complete in 1932
  • Opening

    The bridge was formally opened on 19 March 1932. Amongst those who attended and gave speeches were the state Governor, Sir Philip Game, the Minister for Public Works, and Ennis. The Labor Premier of New South Wales, Jack Lang, was to open the bridge by cutting a ribbon at its southern end.
    However, just as he was about to do so, a man in military uniform rode in on a horse, cutting the ribon and opening the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the name of the people of Australia before the official ceremony
  • Jack Land sacked

    Jack Land sacked
    Less than two months after the bridge opening, Jack Land was sacked as New Sout Wales Premier by the Governor, Sir Philip Game.
  • Total Financial cost

    The total financial cost of the bridge was $10 million (double the original quote). This was not paid off in full until 1988.