Unit 1: French & Indian War

  • Oct 12, 1492

    Columbus "Discovers" America

    Columbus "Discovers" America
    Christopher Columbus, intending to sail to Asia, "discovers" land; today it's referred to as North America.
  • Jamestown Colony Created

    The London Company (later became the Virginia Company) founds the colony of Jamestown.
  • Plymouth Colony Created

    The pilgrims sailed the Mayflower to America and founded the Plymouth colony.
  • Massachusetts Bay Colony Created

    Massachusetts Bay Colony Created
    Founded by English Puritans, the Massachusetts Bay colony is founded.
  • New Amsterdam becomes New York

  • New Amsterdam becomes New York

    New Amsterdam becomes New York
    Dutch Governor Peter Stuyvesant surrendered New Amsterdam to Colonel Richard Nicolls when it was renamed New York.
  • William Penn Creates Pennsylvania

    William Penn Creates Pennsylvania
    William Penn founds Pennsylvania in hopes of religious freedom, free elections, and the right to fair trials by a jury.
  • Period: to

    Albany Congress Meets

    The English Board of Trade meets in hopes of resolving two problems in the colonies.
  • George Washington Assaults Fort Duquesne

    One of the first battles in the French and Indian War, lead by George Washington. (George's side surrenders at the end of this battle.)
  • The French & Indian War concludes

    The French and Indian War declares the British the winners; with the signing of the Treaty of Paris.