Chris burden

How the World Destroyed Itself

  • Smith Takes Office

    Smith Takes Office as President.
  • Period: to

    Last Reign of Freedom

    Democracy is still marginally in place. The fall of this age is characterized by the death of the Electoral College.
  • Government Goes Bankrupt

    Government Goes Bankrupt
    Corporations start to fall like flies- government decides to 'help' by giving them funding. They fail anyway. The Stock Market heads for collapse. Capitalism's days are numbered.
  • Winter Olympics Held in Russia

    Winter Olympics Held in Russia
    Unfortunately, due to budget constraints, this proves to be the final Olympic Games in existence.
  • Smith Impeached for Embezzlement

    Smith is impeached for smuggling money to a private bank account in Cuba which overall has accumulated over 5 million dollars. Vice President Anders holds the reigns momentarily. Unfortunately, he is an idiot.
  • Hauer Elected/Takes Office

    He is only 36 years old when elected. Vice President David Leech- a former tax accountant.
  • Government Overhaul (death of Capitalism)

    Government Overhaul (death of Capitalism)
    All business proceeds go to the Government. Food Stamps and Housing Stamps are what is worked for. All additional income is taxed into oblivion. The Stock Market dwindles into nothing.
  • Homosexuality Riots

    Homosexuality Riots
    Riots over bills against homosexuality turn violent. Many die as riot squads infiltrate the scene. Bills are passed eventually. Not much of a scene left by then.
  • Electoral College Destroyed

    Electoral College Destroyed
    Electoral College done away with by a bill voted in by Hauer's congress. Many opposing congress members have already been forced to quit on false charges. Checks and Balances is blackmailed. The Supreme Court is under rigid scruitiny. The people do not notice. Half of them don't know what the Electoral College is anyway.
  • Spermicide Pills

    Spermicide Pills
    Sciece give us spermicide pills. If taken before intercourse, they eliminate chances of pregnancy. Side Effects not released to public. Riots ensue as Science and Religion clash once more.
  • Fully Functioning Robotic Animal

    Dolly 02 is created. It is a fully autonomous robotic sheep. When released into a pasture it is treated as a normal sheep. Artificial Intelligence is born. Albeit in sheep form.
  • Detroit Goes Bankrupt

    Detroit Goes Bankrupt
    Detroit falls through as housing and production costs are inflated into oblivion. Riots ensue causing a widespread civil disturbance. Gang wars erupt. Government nukes it, making it look like an accident. Detroit now gains use as a place for political prisoners, conspiriting students, and rogue intelligentsia.
  • Energy Crisis Ensues

    Energy Crisis Ensues
    Coal production slows to a halt due to lack of funding and income for improvements. Energy is taxed exponentially. Millions without power. Cars slowly go extinct as oil dwindles.
  • Period: to

    Age of Destruction

    Cities and populations vanish. Worldwide panic ensues. Also characterized by technological prosperity.
  • Government Education

    Government Education
    Government takes over school system and decides to cultivate intelligence. Children take a preliminary IQ test and are separated into either the Elite or the Efficient class schools. Elite schools are for children with IQs over 130. Efficient kids are made to do manual labor. Except they don’t tell you that in the brochure. Teachers are former intelligentsia recruited from community and low-level colleges. College is government run. Child recruitment begins.
    As for the picture, I'm just mean.
  • Banned Books

    Banned Books
    Dystopian, anti-utopia, anti-socialist, anti-communalist (in other words, any kind of political) literature is banned. Notable examples include:
    -1984 by Orwell
    -Brave New World by Huxley
    -Margaret Atwood's books
    -Ayn Rand's books
    -Philip K. Dick's books. My father buried his copies. I have them now.
  • Farms Dwindle

    Widespread crop loss due to irrigation troubles and lack of funds. The midwest suffers. Many farmers and farms are lost.
  • Hauer Reelected

    Hauer Reelected
    There is little opposition. Slowly, politicians begin to dissappear. Books begin to be monitored. Newspapers are government run.
  • Security Police Implemented

    Essentialy they are government thugs who wiretap phones. More people dissappear. The economy is failing, but people survive.
  • Aeration Project Begins

    Aeration Project Begins
    The irrigation project begins. Billions of dollars used to drill tunnels all over the US to aerate millions of acres of dead farmland. Robots are developed to take on the job. Vultures are developed to keep kids and engineers out of the tunnels.
  • Kansas Famine

    Kansas Famine
    Unstable climate brings forth unprecedented tornado season in the Midwest. Millions of acres of farmland in Kansas destroyed. The Aeration Project decides to skip over Kansas due to its nearing extinction. Kansas is left to die.
  • The Beginning of the End of Cities

    The Beginning of the End of Cities
    This is the first time the Oligarchy is proposed. Cities begin to fall to dust. Food is rationed. Millions unemployed.
  • Disaster in Mexico

    Disaster in Mexico
    Border Patrol closes off all passage to the US in order to protect "American resources". The Drug Wars in Mexico begin to escalate due to the main buyer- the US- being cut off. Government struggles. Many die in poverty. Border Patrol remains rigid.
  • Massive Hurricanes Decimate Florida

    Massive Hurricanes Decimate Florida
    Three Hurricanes decimate Florida, eviscerating Miami, Ft. Lauterdale, and other coastal cities. Many die. Two of the Hurricanes are Category Four hurricanes, while one is a Category Five.
  • More Cities Evacuated/Destroyed

    Kansas now a wasteland.
    Cities that fall through in 2027:
    --Omaha, Nebraska (Lack of resources)
    --Des Moines, Iowa (Desertion)
    --Kansas City, Missouri (Funds)
    --Little Rock, Arkansas (Worker Riots burn LR to the ground)
    --Nashville, Tennessee (Government takes over)
    --Charleston, South Carolina (Government takes over to monitor suspicious activity)
  • Hauer Reelected Again

    Hauer Reelected Again
    Since the country is in the wake of a crisis, Hauer is allowed to run for president a third time. Voter turnout reaches record low. Hauer winds by a landslide. Coincidence? Manipulation?
  • First Functioning Humanoid Robot

    First Humanoid Robot created that learns and runs on solar power. It has overcome the difficulties faced by most humanoid robots including clumsiness and program malfunction. Is developed by the Government.
    A sector is opened in California for Robotic Development.
  • Period: to

    Age of Control

    Government is a dictatorship. Unrest ensues underground. Technology continues to prosper. This era ends when dissent begins on Jan 7, 2045.
  • Military Infiltration Begins

    Military Infiltration Begins
    SecPo is unable to control all of the US. Military stations begin to spring up. Telephones are tapped. People begin to get antsy.
  • Massive Population Loss

    Massive population loss occurs both from starvation, natural disaster, and improvements in contraceptives. The side effects of the ‘morning after pill’ include sterility in women over the age of thirty. Border control in Canada strengthens as people begin to defect.
  • Mexican Assault on Border Patrol

    Mexican Assault on Border Patrol
    Mexican assault on border patrol. Many die. Texas is lost in a struggle between Mexicans and Americans for its resources- a life blood to a dying Mexico.
  • Texas-US Border

    New border separating Texas from the rest of the US. Mexicans can no longer go in or out. Tanks stationed every four miles. Rumors of systematic killing?
  • Hauer In Permanent Power

    Hauer In Permanent Power
    Congress approves a law saying that a change in leadership will not come until contitions in the US improve. Hauer is to rule indefinitely.
  • Death of Police

    Death of Police
    Humanoid security robot developed. Policemen slowly begin to disappear. Efficient-class students are drafted into the police force. Brutality against Elite students occurs. Intelligentsia starts to defect to Canada. Government investigates many Intelligentsia families.
  • Time is Abolished

    Time is Abolished
    Time is abolished. Clocks are prohibited. Population declines further. The days are divided up into siren intervals. Do something until the horn blows.
  • War in Europe

    War in Europe
    Europe breaks out into war over supplies and food. Its resources have long since dried up and panic ensues. This is caused mostly by rationing and unrenewable resources being dished out 'fairly' due to a collectivist regime.
  • Escape Difficult

    Border Patrol in Canada is high.
    Canada is amnesty.
    Detroit is Siberia.
  • Organized Religion Banned

    Organized Religion Banned
    Organized religion banished. Baptists and Evangelists are the first to go. Catholics and Protestants attempt escape or go underground. Many are martyred.The State begins to play around with the idea of a state-run church.
  • Resistance Builds

    Resistance Builds
    Dissenters begin to go underground. Organizations develop. It is a time of tension.
  • Death to England

    Death to England
    France and England enter pitched combat resulting in use of highly dangerous weapons. England is an apocalypse. France survives. The war in central Europe begins to calm. Scandinavia remains stolidly neutral.
  • Death to Mexico

    The US bombs Mexico when Mexican disease starts to develop and drift into America creating a major problem for the rapidly diminishing population. They were better off dead.
  • Oligarchy Takes Power

    Oligarchy Takes Power
    Government implements Oligarchy. Bases of Government are localized in certain areas Hauer oversees them. Each base is broken up into units- Development, Technical Development, Strategy, Archiving, Public Relations, and Military. A division of law is established only on local levels. Washington has additional control. Crime increases. Trials decrease. The law division exists mostly to fool the gullible. Technology flourishes, despite hardship. Cars are virtually extinct. Oil collapses.
  • Chronomatons Developed

    Chronomatons are fully functional android beings with an aptitude for learning and applying knowledge. The Government will use them for war.
    Noah helps on this project, so I hear. He’s only eighteen. He left when he was seventeen. My parents disappear.
  • Russo-China Conflict

    Russo-China Conflict
    Russia proposes to nuke China unless they relinquish resources. China surrenders. Russia refuses to trade with US. We are choking to death.
  • Artificial Birth Developed

    Artificial Birth Developed
    Artificial birth is created. Semen samples are injected to false uteruses and babies grow via nutrition pumps in order to boost population. Government takes care of them en masse until the age of five where they are put into the school system, now all ‘boarding schools’. Birth control makes most sterile. If parents are around, certain baby traits can be manipulated for a nominal fee- including eye color, hair color, and talent.
  • Euthanasia of Artificially Born Neonates with Autism

    Autism is still impossible to see in the early stages of child development in the womb. Autistic babies, including those with Asperger’s Syndrome are disposed of clandestinely after birth.
  • Death to South Africa

    Rwanda discovers biological weaponry via illegal trade (possibly with America or Russia?). South Africa is obliterated and uninhabitable.
  • Resistance Development in Final Stages

    Resistance almost complete. Intelligentsia dissenters develop their own robotic warriors based on the Chronomatons. They are known as Anachromatons, ironically. Chronomatons have become increasingly lifelike.
  • Dissenters Declare War on Government

    Dissenters Declare War on Government
    Dissenters declare war on Government. Most people don’t care. Most people are trying to survive. But those who do care passionately. Sometimes, military defects will sell arms and supplies. This is the date of this Journal.