Technologies Developed in America Since 1953

  • Nuclear Power

    Nuclear Power
    People now have a clean energy source, but nuclear power could be dangerous. Melt downs and storage of waste can be problems. Image from
  • Videotape recorder

    Videotape recorder
    People can now watch TV shows that have been recorded instead of just news and talk shows. TV can be more entertaining, but also more addictive. Author of image is gunnar_maas.
  • Human Space Flight

    Human Space Flight
    People can now go into space and run experiments in space which is exciting, but it can be expensive and dangerous. Image from
  • Video Game Console

    Video Game Console
    Video games can be lots of fun and provide entertainment; however, they can distract kids from school and keep them from getting exercise. Image from
  • Video Cassette

    Video Cassette
    Now people can watch TV and movies anytime they want without having to go to a theatre or watch commercials on TV. Now, though, it is easy for people to waste time watching movies and such. Image from
  • e-mail

    Information can travel much faster and for free. No longer do people have to wait for mail. Although now the post office loses some business. Image from
  • Microprocessor

    This ground-breaking technology allows for all the electronics we have now. Computers can be smaller and a calculator can fit in a pocket. However, now that more things will be on computers, information is vulnerable to hackers. Image from
  • First Cell Phone

    First Cell Phone
    People can make calls from anywhere now, but cell phones are big and coverage is probably not so reliable because cell phones are new. Image from
  • CD

    Information can now be moved around in light weight packages, but CDs can be scratched and not work well. Image from
  • Color LCD television

    Color LCD television
    TV is now more realistic and more entertaining, but now people will spend more time and money on TVs the don't need. Image from
  • World Wide Web

    World Wide Web
    People can easily view information and post it. However false information can be posted and people's privacy is less protected. Image from
  • GPS

    This can help people navigate wilderness and help the military keep track of their location. Satellites to work GPSs can be expensive though and it makes it easier to track people which violates privacy. Image from
  • Plasma TV

    Plasma TV
    TV is even better and more addictive and expensive. More entertainment, but for more money and time. Image from
  • Digital Video Camera

    Digital Video Camera
    This allowed people to take videos and allowed for YouTube to exist. Although easy access to video cameras can violate people's privacy and some people may be tapped when they don't want to. Image from