Dyan Lovells timeline

By athena
  • born

    I was born Dec.2 1997,I weighed 7 pounds and was 6.4 in
  • snake

    I started my herping career when i was 8 and thats when i caught my first snake.
  • first lizard

    first lizard
    my first lizard was supposed to be a bearded dragon but it turned out to be a iguana.
  • bearded dragon

    bearded dragon
    for my birthday i got a bearded dragon.
  • puppies

    i got 2 dogs a male shiztou and a female the female got pregnet and had babies.
  • leopard gecko

    leopard gecko
    athena came right after ares my bearded dragon.
  • xbox 360

    xbox 360
    i got a xbox 360 my own xbox 360
  • puppies again

    puppies again
    ginger my female shitzou got pregnet again for the 2nd time.
  • hades

    i got another lizard a crocodile gecko its name is hades
  • baby brother

    my baby brother was born