Unit 1 French + Indian War

  • Oct 12, 1492

    Columbus "discovers" America

    Columbus "discovers" America
    He landed on San Salvador on this day. He then proceeded to tell the Europeans about it and they bagan to colonnize what we now call America.
  • Jamestown is Founded

    Jamestown is Founded
    Named after King James the First, Jamestown was founded in the colony of Virginia. It was the first permanent English settlement in North America. It saw many trials but in the end, ended up basically being saved by two men, John Smith and John Rolfe. John Smith being the one to carry the settlment through the hard times and John Rolfe introducing a very profitable crop, tobacco.
  • Plymouth Colony Created

    Plymouth Colony Created
    The British settlers originally got to Provincetown Harbor near Cape Cod on November 11, 1620 but set foot on land on November 13. Plymouth Colony was one of the earliest colonies founded in America that lasted. Even though the colony only lasted 69 years, it played an important part in King Philip's War. It was annexed by the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1691.
  • Massachusetts Bay Colony created

    Massachusetts Bay Colony created
    Massachusetts was founded by Puritans and Separists. It is located on the east coast of America and was founded in a time of separation and confusion in England. Origionally, it was founded for buisness and profit. It was created around the colonies of Salem and Boston. Puritan beliefs became the dominant reason for the colony's existance.
  • New Amsterdam becomes New York

    New Amsterdam becomes New York
    New Amsterdam, the capital of New Netherland, was taken by the British from the Dutch. New Netherland was the colony, and later the state of New York, The Dutch were already falling apart because of lack of leadership so when the British attacked, they did not stand much of a chance. Later, however the Dutch did re-take it and named it New Orange. But in November 1674 it was taken back by the British.
  • William Penn creates Pennsylvania

    William Penn creates Pennsylvania
    The colony of Pennsylvania was origionally founded for the religious freedom and peace of the Quakers however, any religion was welcome. William Penn founded it, he himself being a Quaker. He inherited the land from his father who inherited it from the king.
  • The Albany Congress Meets

    The Albany Congress Meets
    Due to two problems in the Ohio Valley, 23 delagates were appointed to meet in Albany, New York. This is where they created the Albany Plan which was made to raise revenue, to manage problems with military and Native Americans, and to pass laws.
  • George Washington assaults Fort Dusquesne

    George Washington assaults Fort Dusquesne
    Washington led a group of Virginians in an attack on the fort along with a group of soldiers under the direction of General John Forbes. They initially underestimated the numbers of the French and Indians in the fort so they lost the battle.
  • The French and Indian War Concludes

    The French and Indian War Concludes
    The French and Indian War concluded with The Treaty of Paris However the Seven Years War (Europe) ended five days later with the signing of the Treaty of Huburtesburg. England being the victors, took Canada and New France while France took part of the Carribean Islands.