Unit 1: French + Indian War

  • Oct 12, 1492

    Columbus "discovers" America

    Columbus "discovers" America
    Columbus landed on the Island San Salvador in the Caribian. He later told the Eruopians about this territory, and they colonized North and South America.
  • Jamestown Colony created

    Jamestown Colony created
    It was the first permanent English settlement in what is know The United States of America.
  • Plymouth Colony created

    The group that founded this colony later became known as the pilgrims.
  • Massachusetts Bay Colony created

    Massachusetts Bay Colony created
    The Massachusettes Bay company was created by English Puritans.
  • New Amsterdam becomes New York

    New Amsterdam becomes New York
    In 1664 the Dutch surrend it to the English. The English renamed it New York. In 1673 the Dutch to control for a very brief time and named it New Orange. It 1674 It was again controlled by the English.
  • William Penn creates Pennsylvania

    William Penn recieved the land from the King. This made him the worlds largest private owner.
  • Albany Congress meets

    Benjamin Franklin proposed an idea that would unit all of the colonies.
  • George Washington assaults Fort Duquesne

    Goerge Washington lead the fight but was forced to surrender.
  • The French & Indian War concludes

    The war offically ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris