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Mid Career Courses 2010-SLCJ

  • Election Reporting

    Election Reporting
    The SLCJ conducted the course just two weeks before the Sri Lanka's Presidential election enahancing journalists capacity on covering the campaign and election process.
  • Provincial News Mangement

    Provincial News Mangement
  • Health Reporting

    Health Reporting
  • Sports Journalism

    Sports Journalism
    This specilized course provided comprehensive insights from the game themselves to socio political significance of coverage on sports and related issues.The art of the modern techniques of covering sports was the theme line of the course.
  • Newsroom Mangement

    Newsroom Mangement
  • Voice Training and News Presentation Skills

    Voice Training and News Presentation Skills
  • Feature Writing and Editing

  • Crime and Judicial Reporting

  • A to Z on Current Affairs Programme Production

  • News Writing and Reporting for Print

  • One Person Operation for TV