Nuclear power plant cattenom by dralzheimer

nuclear technology

  • first x-ray machine

    first x-ray machine
    On January 18, 1896 an X-ray machine was formally displayed by H.L. Smith. One of the first X-ray photographs was made of the hand of Röntgen's wife. The image displayed both her wedding ring and bones.
  • radiation detector invented

    radiation detector invented
    Johannes Wilhelm Geiger, a German physicist,in 1908, while working with Ernest Rutherford, invented the device that detects ionizing radiation. We know it today as the Geiger counter. Alpha, beta, and gamma radiation can be detected using this common portable instrument.
  • first atomic bomb

    first atomic bomb
    "Little Boy" atomic bomb that was dropped on hiroshima.
  • second atomic bomb

    second atomic bomb
    "Fat Man" the second atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki
  • USS Nautilus

    USS Nautilus
    the USS Nautilus was the first nuclear sub.
  • cumbria, england nuclear power plant

    cumbria, england nuclear power plant
    In 1956 Calder Hall, Sellafield (formerly known as Windscale) on the coast of the Irish Sea, Cumbria, England first full scale nuclear power plant built.
  • three mile island nuclear power plant

    three mile island nuclear power plant
    The three mile island nuclear accident began at 4 a.m. on Wednesday, March 28, 1979, with failures in the non-nuclear secondary system, followed by a stuck-open pilot-operated relief valve (PORV) in the primary system, which allowed large amounts of reactor coolant to escape.
  • chernobyl

    Chernobyl considered the worst nuclear power plant disaster ever happened on 26 April 1986, in the Ukraine (then in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, part of the Soviet Union).