Classical Timeline

By lreilly
  • Aug 11, 1450


    Chants in churches were know in this time period.
    Soldiers in Europe would bring back instruments to the king from the East.
  • Period: Aug 11, 1450 to

    Classical Time Periods

  • Baroque

    Vivaldi and Bach were in this time period. The orchestra was on 10-15 people to begin with. On String instruments played at first, then other instruments were added when invented and used. Percussion was kept out of the orchestra. It was loud and unsofistacated.
  • Period: to

    Classical Time Periods

  • Classical

    Mozart was within this short time period
  • Romantic

    Beethoven changed the classical music sound. It was a drastic change compared to the Classical Period.

    Other composers were Brahms, Mendolsohn
  • Impressionistic

    Symphonic poem, Debussy, Ravel