Thomas Andrews

By guerssa
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    Thomas Andrews

  • Date of Birth

    Thomas Andrews was born in Belfast Ireland, on the 7th of Febuary to a loving mother and father named Clara Mary and John Andrews.
  • Started School Date

    No one really knows today, when he started school or where but they know it was about Febuary sometime.We also know he was about 4 years old.
  • Finished School Date

    Thomas Andrews finished school on this very day after attending school for 12 years ffter enjoy it and trying everything he could.
  • Place of Work

    Thomas Andrews started work with the Harland Wolff ship yard company
  • Become the managing director

    This year was the year he become the Managing Director and got to work in the design room
  • Designing Date

    Today was the day Thomas Andrews and the White Star Line Company started to design the Titanic, they copied some of the ideas from the Titanics sister ship the "RMS Olympic". The Titanic was acually made by Harland and Wolff Shipyard.
  • Met his wife

    No one is really sure when he met his wife so I just guessed a random date. His wife's name was Helen Barbour and they met at the local bar in Belfast
  • Date of Daughters Birth

    2 years later, Helen and Thomas had a lovely daughter named Elizabeth Andrews in their very own home in Belfast
  • Titanic Hit the iceberg

    At about 11pm the Titanic come upon a massive iceberg that cut into almost the whole of the starbard side of the ship.
  • Date of Death

    Thomas Andrews sadly died on the 15th of April 1912, while in the first class dinning room
  • Mother and Father receved a telegram

    Today was the day his mother and father found out about Thomas Andrews Death. A couple months after they both moved to London for a fresh start, after living in Ireland their whole life.