Babe didrikson

The Babe Didrikson Story

  • Birth

    Born on June 26 in Port Authur, Texas.
  • Golden Cyclones

    Joined the Golden Cyclones. Chosen as an All-American basketball player two years in a row.
  • Hurdles, Javelin, High Jump

    Won two gold medals (javelin and 80-meter hurdles) and a silver medal (high jump) at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, California.
  • Golf

    Began playing golf; went on to win 65 tournaments.
  • U. S. Open

    Won first U. S. Open golf tournament.
  • LPGA

    Helped start the Ladies Professional Golf Association.
  • Woman Athlete of the Year

    Chosen "Woman Athlete of the Year" and won second U.S. Open golf tournament. Also won "Woman Athlete of the Year" and third U.S.Open golf tournament in 1954.
  • Death

    Died on September 26 in Galveston, Texas, of cancer.