Elizabethan England

  • Sep 7, 1533

    The birth of Queen Elizabeth

    Date of Birth: Born on 7 September 1533
    Place of Birth : Greenwich, England
    Parents: Father: King Henry VIII of England
    Mother: Anne Boleyn
    Half sister of King Edward VI and Queen Mary I (Bloody Mary)
  • Period: Sep 7, 1533 to

    Queen Elizabeth

  • Oct 12, 1537

    she was declared a bastart

    Elizabeth leaves court for Hatfield House, Hertfordshire where she spends her childhood
  • Mar 18, 1554


    Mary has Elizabeth imprisoned in the Tower of London for eight weeks on false charges
  • May 15, 1556

    adultery and incest

    Her mother, Anne Boleyn tried for treason, adultery and incest
  • May 19, 1556

    Her mother, Anne Boleyn executed on Tower Hill, London

  • Nov 17, 1558

    Elizabeth becomes queen of england to start her glorious reign.

  • Treaty of Berwick

    Queen Elizabeth and King James VI of Scotland form a league of amity
  • Master of the Horse

    Queen Elizabeth appoints Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex, as her Master of the Horse
  • The defeat of the Spanish Armada

    The Spanish Armada of 132 ships is defeated by the English fleet of 34 ships and 163 armed merchant vessels led by Lord Howard of Effingham, Sir Francis Drake, and Sir John Hawkins
  • East Indian Company

    Queen Elizabeth I grants charter to East India Company
  • Robert Devereux.

    Robert Devereux (1566-1601), Earl of Essex is executed on Tower Green, the Queen never gets over his treachery and death
  • The death of a queen

    Queen Elizabeth dies of blood poisoning. She is succeeded by James I of England, James VI of Scotland, (great-grandson of Henry VIII)