Tom Anderson ED 500 Timeline

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  • Benjamin Franklin's academy proposal

    Benjamin Franklin's academy proposal
    This is the first step into an institution to which I am committed to take my experiences and love of math to help improve the lives of students.
  • First High School in Boston

    This establishes the institiution to which I feel connected.
  • Horace Mann's Fourth Annual Report on characteristics of the ideal teacher

    Horace Mann's Fourth Annual Report on characteristics of the ideal teacher
    He complains that the major defect in existing schools' instruction is the teacher's lack of knowledge of the subject matter. The second qualification he lists is the aptitude for teaching. Third is the ability to manage and govern a school room and to mold moral chacter. THESE WILL BE MY ATTRIBUTES.
  • The Great Crusade for Literacy

    This involved the struggle of blacks in Education. I compare this to the STEM initiatives today, with the intent of making students competititve. Now we are talking about math and science literacy.
  • The Morrill Act of 1890

    ...the role of higher education was to provide an education suitable to one's place in life and that science played an important role in industrial and agricultural advancement. Sounds similar to the goals of STEM.
  • Commitee of Ten

    It defined four different curricula as appropriate for high school. Courses that are now considered basic, like foreign languages, mathematics, science, English and history were included in each curriculum. With STEM the focus is science, technology, engineering and math.
  • Lake Placid Conferences on Home Economics

    These conferences spanned a number of years - similar to STEM. They dealt with technological challenges of their time. In this case, the home was the central instituiton for reforming society.
  • National Science Foundation established

    The NSF is an independent federal agency created by Congress "to promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare; to secure the national defense…"
  • Extracurricular math activity

    Mr. Facult, 6th Grade, took a number of us who were good at math and did some after-class activities. He had a number of books with concepts outside of the class context. We put the books on a table, discussed them in general, then each of us took one to work with outside of class. I remember sharing ideas and books among the group. It was my first exposure to going beyond the normal math curriculum.
  • 9th grade art class

    I had never been interested in art. Mr. King did a great job showing us how to develop our skills. I went into this class totally uninterested. I sketched outside of class on my own - I was so impressed with what I learned.
  • AP Chemistry exam

    Took the test and earned credit for two college chemistry classes.
  • AP Calculus exam

    Took the test and earned credit for three college calculus classes.
  • AP Physics Exam

    Took the test and earned credit for two college physics classes.
  • Apple introduces the Apple II

    Apple introduces the Apple II
    Apple II Commercial - Homemaker I made it through high school programming an IBM 370 mainframe in Fortran with punch cards.
  • Tutor college classmate through math requirements

    This began a year of working with John to help him through his math requirements for political science. He hated math in high school. John and I spent many nights, many 2-liter bottles of coke and many cigarettes getting him though the minimum requirements - successfully!
  • IBM introduces the PC

    IBM introduces the PC
    IBM PC 5150 Commercial I made it through college on an IBM mainframe and an HP minicomputer. The PC will prove to change the business world as I enter it.
  • Graduate from Ohio State with an engineering degree

    Graduate from Ohio State with an engineering degree
    The concepts I learned here will help me as a math teacher to identify practical applications.
  • Eric is born!

    He will prove to be a smart boy but a challenge to keep interested in school.
  • Graduate from University of Rochester with an MBA

    My concentration in computers and information systems gives me additional perspective and applications that will help me as a math teacher.
  • Lisa is born!

    She is the third of our four children. She was an emergency cesarian, caused by complications which left her with some learning disabilities.
  • Lisa enters Montessori pre-school

    This school employed hands-on learning practices which was suggested as an important learning tool for Lisa. We found this very successful in her development. She attended through May 1993.
  • Take Lisa to Philadelphia

    Take Lisa to Philadelphia
    My wife found a psychologist in Philadelphia who practiced learning processes developed and used in Europe, but not recognized in the U.S. We determined that Lisa was left eye and right ear dominant which complicates central auditory processing. He gave us some procedures to help.
  • Began two years of teaching First Grade Catholic PSR

    I learned the challenge of attracting the attention of these young minds and assessing their unique personalities. I truly enjoyed this experience.
  • Anderson family buys first home PC

    We also bought a number of learning programs and got our first exposure to PC based learning tools.
  • All four kids transfer out of Catholic parochial school into the Solon School system

    There were a few minor adjustments as we learned there was a slight difference in the programs. I appreciated the difference in the public versus parochial systems.
  • Wife dumps son's (Eric) desk in 5th grade class

    Eric was very delinquent on homework. After a heart-to-heart with the teacher, my wife showed up in class the next day, literally dumped his desk (with him there), found the assignments, and guess what he and I did that night. A gutsy move, but effective, and most importantly, Mrs. Young appreciated it.
  • Eric's 8th grade science project

    He wanted to determine the effect of fin design on rocket trajectory. I was able to get him an appointment with a NASA engineer at the Glenn Reseach Center - extremely helpful! Always refer to the experts for the best learning experiences.
  • No Child Left Behind Act

    Each state is to establish standards for all subjects. "We need to encourage children to take more math and science, and to make sure those courses are rigorous enough to compete with other nations."
  • Lisa earns IEP to help in high school curriclum

    She proved tenacious and wanting to succeed without excessive help. She developed a bond with her interventionist and was very successful through her determination. She has helped me learn how different chidren learn differently.
  • Sue from Thailand entered our household as an exchange student

    This was a learning experience for our whole family. I helped her with her homework as I did with all of the kids. I learned that she would be a doctor (her Father's wishes) although she didn't think whe wanted to be one.
  • Eric earns right to join swim team

    Up to this point grades were poor going into the junior year of high school. He brought it right up to a 3.0 to earn the right join the swim team. He maintained good grades and went on to swim at John Carroll.
  • Tapping America’s Potential (TAP) coalition

    15 of America’s most prominent business organizations joined
    together to express their deep concern about the ability of the United States to sustain its scientific and technological leadership in a world where newly energized foreign competitors are investing.
    the capacity for innovation — the key driver of productivity
    and economic growth in advanced economies.
  • Eric decides to transfer from JCU to Xavier

    He believes the Physics program at Xavier has more to offer. He proved himself and went on to pursue many Physics related activities. I learned how mathcing the right student to the right curriculum makes a big difference.
  • Help Chris Anderson prepare for the GMAT

    Chris is the husband of a woman I worked with. I had a few conversations with him as he prepared for his GMAT prior to entering an MBA program. It was a while since he had taken high school math - primarily algebra and geometry. I spent the evening helping him through the practice problems which he had color-coded with highlighters to identify what he did not understand. That episode showed me how difficult it is for some who use math everyday, but who have lost the concepts and "tricks."
  • Ohio Grantmakers Forum publishes "Education for Ohio's Future"

    As the new century unfolds, Ohio stands at a crossroads. Over the past 20 years, our state and local leaders have worked to improve student, school and system performance. We have seen progress in some areas, but our education system falls far short of preparing all students for the challenges and opportunities of the21st century. Consider how far we still must go:
  • Educational Testing Service publishes "America's Perfect Storm"

    ETS's America's Perfect Storm Our nation is in the midst of a perfect storm — the result of the confluence of three powerful forces — that is having a considerable impact on our country. If we maintain our present policies, it is very likely that we will continue to grow apart, with greater inequity in wages and wealth, and increasing social and political polarization.
  • Lisa is accepted at John Carroll University!

    She had spent a year at Lakeland in preparation. She and I now share education passions and hope to share students someday.
  • The Ohio STEM Learning Network (OSLN) is created

    A statewide initiative created in 2007 to provide $200 million in funding to support STEM initiatives for Pre-K-16. Collaboration is essential for ensuring that all school districts have access to STEM learning.Here's an interesting ning network - Ohio STEM
  • America COMPETES Act was signed

    America COMPETES Act was signed by President Bush and became law on 9 August 2007.The legislation called for expanding science research. My math focus has need!
  • National Science Board publication observes:

    The United States possesses the most innovative, technologically capable economy in the world, and yet its science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education system is failing to ensure that all American students receive the skills and knowledge required for success in the 21st century workforce.
  • I am accepted into the JCU M.Ed. Professional Teacher program

    Adolescent/ Young Adult Mathematics
  • Volunteer tutor at Canterbury Elementary

    I worked with 6 5th graders over a 6 week time period specifically on math skills. I found this very rewarding and learned how to adapt to different learning styles. I was given the feedback that I am a "natural" teacher.
  • America COMPETES Act reauthorized

    On May 28th, the House of Representatives passed a five-year reauthorization of the landmark legislation, the America COMPETES Act with a bipartisan vote of 262-150. Congressman Barrow on his amendment to the America COMPETES Act
  • Begin math classes at Tri-C

    Begin math classes at Tri-C
    I need to take five undergraduate math classes. This will give me a unique opportunity to meet and speak with students fresh out of high school. This will give me a perspective of what I can look forward to as a math teacher.