Outdoor Land Labs

  • Period: to

    Community Involvement

    -Apply for MANY grants
    -Contact: staff, parents, PTA, grandparents, neighbors, local garden clubs, botanical gardens, local parks, boy and girl scouts, senior citizens, and city officials
    -Capitalize on their expertise, business relationships, and volunteerism
    -Seek donations of material and labor
    -Hold fundraisers
  • Period: to

    General Plan

    -USE—ie: Teachers and learners use the existing site to meet educational objectives
    -ENHANCE—ie: Hang a bird feeder, pick up litter, mulch muddy areas, attend to poison ivy, etc.
    -DEVELOP—ie: Committee designs and implements long range plans that match site development and curriculum
    -OWNERSHIP--ie: Involve the students in the plan—research local ordinances, school regulations, habitat resources on site, soil features, geography, etc.
  • Period: to

    Master Plan

    -Plan, Plan, Plan
    -Revise, Revise, Revise
    -Computer generated or architectural drawing
    -Display poster-size drawing
    -Start small and build in stages
    -City permits
  • Period: to


    -Garage/Yard Sales
    -Cow Patty Bingo
    -Wing Ding
    -Ceramic Tile Towers
    -Crop Sale
    **Make sure to publicize fundraisers**
  • Period: to

    Sod Removal & Sprinkler Installation

    -Sod and trees removed
    -Sprinklers professionally installed
    -City permits required
  • Period: to


    -Build wooden shed
  • Period: to

    Platform Deck & Handicapped Beds

    -16’x 30’ deck used for classroom lessons, journaling, presentations, and projects.
    -7 raised beds for wheelchair access
  • Period: to

    Laying the Paths

    -Paths drawn
    -Gravel laid in layers
  • Period: to


    -Purchase plants and get plants donated
    -Began planting
    -Spread topsoil and mulch
  • Period: to

    Site Mapping

    -Assess current characteristics of the land
    -Design the space with both wildlife and people in mind
    -Consider teacher classrooms/noise level
    Security—Vandalism—Curb Appeal
  • Period: to

    Fence Installation

    -6 foot Black Aluminum Fence, two gates, make sure it's guaranteed for life
    -Combination locks to avoid unnecessary keys
    -Install after beds formed & paths laid