• First Day of Kindergarten

  • Period: to

    Chelsie. My Life

  • Piano Lessons

    Began piano lessons
  • Adopted my first dog

  • Trip to California

    For my cousin's wedding! I went to Disneyland too
  • 6th Grade Promotion

    Promoted to Upper School
  • My 13th Birthday

    From child to adult
  • Became a devoted Christian

    When I was 13
  • Began French Horn

    Began playing French Horn in Band class
  • Trip to California

    Family Reunion in Big Bear!!
  • Started Attending Church Youth Group

    Started attending church
  • Church Worship Team

    Piano player for church youth group!
  • Church Youth Group Camp

    First church camp ever. Wonderful experience, new friends made. Total breakthrough in my spirituality.