Science project

By vivek
  • Approval of project proposal

    First meeting with Nick about basic user scenario
  • Period: to

    HPC web project

  • Project discussion and scope definition

    Darell & Mariam were involved
  • Period: to

    Technical Challenge - Connecting to SharePoint from Java

    The problem is to connect to the SharePoint collab site using Java through web services
  • Draft Project charter was prepared

    The first version of the project charter was prepared
  • Project Kickoff

    Karylnn and Sandya are brought officially into project.
  • Finished setting up HPCweb web server

    Hugo setup the web server for the project
  • Project Charter Approval

    Tram's approval of project charter
  • Period: to

    Technical Challenge - Managing SharePoint discussion forum by web service

    The problem is to understand and implement the threading index of the discussion forum in sharepoint
  • Web design completed

    Three designs from Karlynn, Jason B and Vivek were compressed into one final design and made ready for implementation
  • Period: to

    Technical Challenge - Implementing connection to the NIAID HPC LDAP authentication system

    The problem was to match the user password values to the encrypted password in NIAID LDAP authentication system
  • First draft of the HPCweb site

    Sandya and Vivek met with Karylnn and Nick to discuss about the first draft version ofthe HPCweb site
  • Extension of Sandya to work on project till 25th June

    John approved extension for Sandya to work on the project till June 25th
  • Period: to

    Technical Challenge - Generating dynamic image for cluster status

    the problem is to generate dynamic cluster status speedometer image in the server side from SGE log.
  • Period: to

    Technical Challenge - Implementing Syntax Highlighing option for code

  • Completed Second draft version of the HPCweb site

    Discussed with Nick about the completion of the second draft version of the web site. John and consultant team are involved to perform testing