By jam_mas
  • zuze z3 first ever computer

    zuze z3 first ever computer
    What you are looking at is the first ever computer. It is the size of a small room. Even though everything else to do with it is huge, the screen is actually only half the size of today's.
  • First desktop computer

    First desktop computer
    This is a very old computer it was made not long after the first. As you can see it has been majorly decreased in size to fit on a desk, instead of squeezing into a small room.
  • First computer, used in Houston control base

    First computer, used in Houston control base
    This is the first ever laptop...with a monitor. Of course its not portable as the people back then weren't as smart as us. They called it a laptop because it's key board is built in.
  • First disc reading computer

    First disc reading computer
    This is the next computer in our time line.As you can see the screen is much bigger and it is able to do more things and store more memory.The monitor is quite big compared to todays and it only plays floppy disc.
  • First colour computer

    First colour computer
    This computer is a big step up from the last. Persisting of a more compact monitor and smaller all round.
  • Dell Desktop

    Dell Desktop
    this computer is better than the last. It's monitor is alot smarter and holds alot more. Even though the screen is smaller it is actually still better as the small things do matter like the wireless keyboard and mouse makes the computer of the present.
  • Dell Desktop II

    Dell Desktop II
    This is a very high-tech computer compared to the last ones it still has a monitor, which we can't see, but the actual screen is flat and slim only containing the software used for the screen not the other half of the monitor
  • Apple Emac

    Apple Emac
    Apple is the company of the future. Creating new devices everyday, but their biggest selling creation is their computers especially this one, because what you see is what you get. This is the whole computer, the monitor is built in. All you have to do is plug it into the wall and your ready to go.
  • Apple Imac

    Apple Imac
    This is the same as the last but ALOT slimmer and smarter.
  • Apple Mac Book

    Apple Mac Book
    This is a laptop, the monitor is built in it has a rechargeable battery and is as smart as the rest. It is light and you can take it everywhere you go. This is the computer of the future.