War time communication

  • Jan 1, 1000


    Used for talking to each other
  • Sign Language

    Sign Language
    Used for talking to eachother when under silent conditions
  • Pigeon Post

    Pigeon Post
    Tie a letter on to a pigeons foot and they will send your letter
  • Morse code

    Morse code
    Code for Morse Code
  • Morse Code Tapper

    Morse Code Tapper
    Used to talk to eachother with out noise.
  • Codes

    Used for secret messages
  • Air Horn

    Air Horn
    Ship air horn for on ships
  • Flares

    Used for letting aeroplanes where to land
  • Walkie Talkie

    Walkie Talkie
    Used for talking to eachother form far away
  • Letters

    To speak to families over the world etc