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Walkie Talkie Timeline By Dom Ross & Michael Jones

  • Motorola SCR-536

    Motorola SCR-536
    The SCR-536 weighed 2.3 kilos with batteries This handheld radio became a World War II icon. The battery life was about one day of normal use.
  • Motorola SCR-300

    Motorola SCR-300
    Motorola designed the world's first FM portable two-way radio, the SCR-300 backpack model, for the U.S. Army Signal Corps.
  • Motorola Motrac Vehicular Two-Way Radio

    Motorola Motrac Vehicular Two-Way Radio
    Motorola introduced the Motrac radio, the world's first vehicular two-way radio with a fully transistorized power supply and receiver.
  • Panasonic RJ-3

    Panasonic RJ-3
    A small, low-powered handheld radio. Well constructed and somewhat rugged. It is a solid model.
  • Archer Space Patrol Walkie Talkie

    Archer Space Patrol Walkie Talkie
    Two way, fully wired. Push to talk switch. Crystal Controlled Channel 14, sends and recieves om 27 MC.
  • Kirisun PT7200

    Kirisun PT7200
    A professional-quality walkie-talkie with many advanced features. The Body size is 10 x 60 x 40mm
  • Doro-WT96 X

    Doro-WT96 X
    With a maximum range of 14 km, the WT96 X Pro walkie-talkies from Doro are great for keeping in touch.
  • Oregon TP391 Slimline

    Oregon TP391 Slimline
    Ideal for mountain biking, climbing. At only 16mm thick, its slim design is perfect to take with you anywhere. With an effective range of 5km
  • Motorola TLKR T3

    Motorola TLKR T3
    With a range of up to 5km², a typical battery life of 20 hours and best of all, no call charges.
  • Motorola T5583

    Motorola T5583
    A walkie talkie that can go up to 2KM in open area condition, it has built-in 8 channels and each channels with 38 interference eliminator codes.