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What We Learned in 7th Grade Science

By acybay
  • First Week of School

    First Week of School
    What is Science?
  • Period: to

    Diversity of Life

    Study of Organisms both multicellular and unicellular, Plants and Animals, Cells, and Human Body Systems
  • Plants and Animals

    Plants and Animals
    multicellular vs. unicellular
    herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores
    heterotrophs vs. autotrophs
  • Field Trip to the Baltimore Zoo

    Field Trip to the Baltimore Zoo
    After studying plants and animals, we visited the Baltimore Zoo to take a closer look at a variety of organisms from around the world, both plant and animal.
  • Science Center and Imax Field Trip

    Science Center and Imax Field Trip
    Visited the Science Center and viewed and Imax film on the systems of the human body.
  • Period: to

    Change Over Time

    Study of genetics and how organisms have evolved and adapted over time.
  • Genetic Tree

    Genetic Tree
    We examined various physical features and plotted the results on a classroom tree. We were able to see which genetic traits were more common or dominant and which were recessive.
  • Period: to

    Sound and Light Waves

    Study of the types of waves, characteristics of waves and how waves react in various mediums.
  • Bending Light

    Bending Light
    Used mirrors to bend and reflect light to hit a specific mark. Studied the Law of Reflection.
  • Sound Waves

    Sound Waves
    Measured the frequency and pitch of waves and how amplitude is affected using Lab Pro and tuning forks.
  • Period: to

    Digging Into Earth's Past

    Study of types of rocks, rock characteristics, rock cycle, types of fossils, fossil formation, relative and absolute age, and the Law of Superposition.
  • Volcanic Eruption

    Volcanic Eruption
    Studied the formation of igneous rocks and began with a demonstration of extrusive versus intrusive rocks through an eruption of a model volcano.
  • Creating Fossils

    Creating Fossils
    Created a model of sedimentary rock with a mold fossil out of plaster of paris, sand, water, and a model of a cast fossil.