U.S History

  • Period: Aug 1, 1492 to

    U.S History

  • Aug 3, 1492

    Columbus sailes the seas

    Columbus sailes the seas
    Columbus, King Ferdinand, Queen Isabella The king and queen sent Columbus to find a new, faster, route to Asia. At the time that spices and other goods were in demand Starts his voyage in Spain and wants to go to Asia but finds new land. Columbus wants to find a new faster route to Asia. To his surprise he finds new land but he mistakes it for Asia. He goes back to his country and finally realizes his descovery, Then people colonize and make the 13 colonies.
  • Jamestown is established

    Jamestown is established
    Who=King James and many civilians
    What=The king sent alot of people to this new land to start another civilization.
    When=After he found out that there was new land he wanted his lands to expand so he sent people to settle there.
    Where=Fron British lands, King James sent people to move to what is now America.
    -Summary=After the new lands wer discovered King James established this town. only a few moved but with time many more joined and made the town bigger.
  • First Slave

    First Slave
    Who=Dutch people transported slaves to the americas
    What=Captured slaves then took them to the colonies to work as servents
    When=Even before the sixteen hundreds there was already slaves in the colonies but it became more popular so they wanted even more slaves.
    Where=Some people would go around gathering slaves from Africa and the southern countries.
    why=Took this action because it was good bissiness.
    -Summary=Slaves were being gathered and transported to the colonies.
  • Mayflower

    Pilgrims sailed to new land
    Wanted to make a new comunity
    The pilgrims saile in a boat called the Mayflower to the new world. They called themselves saints and the strangers. When theye saw land ahead they made a document called the Mayflower Compact. This document stated that evryone was going to be equal. Then came together as one and called themselves the pilgrims. They named that town Plymouth.
  • Independence Day

    Independence Day
    Who=Britain, and American Colonists
    What=The British Government wanted for the colonies to pay taxes
    when=During the French and Indian war
    why=British were in debt so they needed to gather money so they turned to the colonies.
    -Summary=British needed money and turned to the colonies, the colonies didnt like the idea and also went to war. They defeated the British army and gained their Independence.
  • U.S Constitution

    U.S Constitution
    What=Created the Constitution
    When=When they were having disputes
    Where=In Philli Summary=Made the Constitution to make sure the power wouldnt stay in one place.It replaces the Articles of Confederation. And the constitution was created after it was amended.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    Who=U.S, French
    Why is it important= It doubled the size of the United States
    What happened=United states purchased the Louisiana terretory from France. They wanted to fofill Manifest Desteny.When it was finally U.S terretory many people moved west to colonize those lands
  • Missouiri Compromise

    Missouiri Compromise
    Who=Pro and Antislavery people
    Why is it important=Wanted to stop the spread of slavery to the north.
    What happened=The 36*,30* line was created The settlers in the north didnt really like the idea of slavery to spread into their lands. So they said that from the 36*,30* line south would be slave states. And the north would be free slave sstates. The line would not include Missouri because it was a slave state.
  • Compromise of 1850

    Compromise of 1850
    Who=Citizens from the North
    Why is this important=They wanted to end the spread of slavery.
    What happened=An article was writted n passed by the law that said expantion of slavery was going to be abolished.This stopped slave owners to take their slaves up to the north. At one time it was ok for people to travel with their slaves but only if they had permission from the government. But then later if they did travel into northern countries the slaves would not be considered as citizens.
  • Kansas-Nebraska act

    Kansas-Nebraska act
    Who=Setlers from both states
    Why=It would determine if they were going for or against slavery.
    What=The people were told that they would have the saying if wether or not they would have slavery.
    So the people were given the choice if they wanted slavery or not. People fron the south wanted to expand and take slavery with them, As for people in the north, they didnt want to stop slavery they just didnt want it to spread. But it the act the Republican Party was created and slavery was stopped.
  • Dread Scott v.s Sandford

    Dread Scott v.s Sandford
    Who=Slaves and people from the government
    why=It was unjust to the slaves and didnt give them them rights.
    what happened=Slaves were not protected When slaves traveled with their masters into north terretory they would not be protected under the Constitution and they would never be citizens of the United States. This act was very harsh on the slaves because it didnt gave them any rights. They could improve their lives but not much.
  • Lincoln Debate

    Lincoln Debate
    Who=Democratic and republicans
    Why is this important=It set the stage for Civil War.
    What Happened= So there was a presicency election. Lincoln was going up against John C. Beckingrige. all the numbers wer in favor of Lincold and the 16th president was he.
  • Reconstruction

    Who=slaves, people from the colonies
    What=Needed to reconstruct the country
    When= At the end of the revolution
    Where=More to the south
    Why=Evrything was destroyed Summary=Since the war was very destructive they had to rebuilt the whole country. This happened because when the war was being faught the british army burned evrything they crossed.Black Codes wer made with still descriminated against the blacks.
  • Plessy v. Freguson

    What=had a case and took it to court
    When=late nineties
    Why=because he thaught that the black codes were not fair and he wanted to fight against it.
  • Spanish-American War

    Spanish-American War
    Who=spain and the United States
    What=wer at war
    When=started April 21 Summary.so we saw that cuba wasnt being treated right so we steped in and help.the uss maine was supposibly bomed wich made the us mad. But at the end the spanish wer defeated and cuba gained their freedom. America gained the philliines.guam and puerto rico.
  • Start of WWI

    Start of WWI
    Who=Allied and central powers
    What=Was the beggining of the war
    Why=Someone from Subia killed the heir of Austria-Hungary Summary=The heir to the thrown is killed. The french get mad at Serbia. They declare war on Surbia. Surbia gets help from Russia and the war becomes bigger. When they called for Russia, the french told one of their allied contries to join also. and war broke out.
  • U.S Enters WWI

    U.S Enters WWI
    Who=The U.S
    What=Entered WWI because of the sinking of Louisitania and The Zimmerman telegram to Mexico
    Why=It involved the U.S and they wanted to be imperialists. Summary=Even when the assasination of the prince happened the U.S didnt want to tale part in the war. Untill they sank a U.S ship, and British got a letter that was going to Mexico. The letetr was from Germany n said for Mexico to attack the U.S.
  • Stock Market Crash

    Stock Market Crash
    Who=American population
    What=Economy went down
    Why=People git into investing Summary=At first evrything was good,but then the stock market crashed and alot of people lost alot of money.This led to the geat depression.America was having money issues and was very hard to end it.
  • U.S Enters WW2

    U.S Enters WW2
    Who=United States people
    What=Entered the war
    Why=Sinking of Ship Summary=The japannesse sank a ship. there were american civilians in there so u.s gov. got into it. Thats when the u.s enters the war.
  • Sputnik

    Who=Soviet Union
    What=Sent first orbital satellite.
    Why=Space war ahainst U.s Summary=When the war was still in place theres was something else going on.The Soviet Union was able to send a satellite to space.The United States didnt want to stand behind and sent one also. They wer competing who could acheve the greater technology.