Blind Comunication

By beanly
  • Jan 1, 1000

    Blind cane

    Blind cane
    This tool was invented centuries ago, and has been used ever since. They are a method of getting around safely for blind people.
    They aren't exactly comunicating, but it does comunicate to the blind holder of it that there is something in the way.
    I don't know the exact date of this invention.
    Probably EXTREMELY old, because it is so simple.
  • Guide dogs

    Guide dogs
    Guide dogs were first used mid 16th century. They are a resonably useful mean of getting around for blind people.
    The dog will communicate to the master when he/she needs to turn a corner or if there is something in the way.
    However they are red and green colour blind so do not know when to stop, eg: a crossing.
  • Braille

    Louis Braille invented Braille in 1824, when he was 15, because he accidentally blinded himself.
    Braille is a system like the alphabet, but uses six dots so you can feel it and don't have to see it.
    The writing for the blind.
  • Blind watch

    Blind watch
    The way of comunicating time to blind people, without it having to be read to them.
    Uses Louis Braille's popular Braille system to tell numbers.
    blind people could now tell the time!
  • Traffic light buzzer

    Traffic light buzzer
    Exact date is un known but it was somewhere mid 60s.
    Traffic lights began having buzzers that made a noise when you should cross, so blind people could always cross safely.
    This also helps a guide dog, because they dont know red or green.
  • Braille mobile

    Braille mobile
    This was a ground-breaking invention. This has enabled blind people to contact others from any where.
    it uses Electric Active Plastic to make braille uppear on the flat surface/screen.