By mmt
  • Period: Jan 1, 1500 to


  • Hands

    (This was the begging of humans counting with there fingers)
    Well I Know it's weird but some historians say that hands were the first beggings of computers because the first computers were for calculating!
  • Abacus

    (This was again too early for the timeline, this was around 500BC)
    Same agian, historians say this was an inprovement in calculating, the first bigger numbering system. This is an old chiense impresion of the abacus, as you can see it hasn't changed much.
  • Z1 Computer - Konrad Zuse

    Z1 Computer - Konrad Zuse
    As you can see in the picture Konrad Zuse with his invention. it was made between 1936 - 1938. It is a mechanical calculator with only limited programing. sadly the Z1 was destoryed aswell as the blueprints in a bombardment in ww2 December 1943. Died on the 18 december 1995 (85 years)
  • Main Frame Computer

    Main Frame Computer
    The IBM 704 was a massive system it took up a whole room whice was about a two car garage! It was around from the 1950s -1970s . Each helper had to wear suits from all the radiation Big Ion was its nickname.
  • First Commerial Computer

    First Commerial Computer
    The UNIVAC, (UNIVersal Automatic Computer I) was designed by Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation and was helped by Remington Rand in 1951.
  • The Internet

    The basis of the Internet (contributing to it today) was created in the United States by the "United States Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency" (known as ARPA). It has changed the world since it had started and the present internet you can do all sorts of things on it like chating, researching, emailing, buying and much more.
  • Microsoft

    Microsoft is a very big company which makes computer software and videogames all over the world. Bill Gates and Paul Allen started the company in 1975. Microsoft has added so much towards todays computer systems.
  • Apple 1

    Apple 1
    The Apple 1 was Apple's first product and was hand made and designed by Steve Wozniak. His friend Steve Jobs had the idea of selling the computer. It only had 4kb memory, that couldn't even hold 1 song!!!
  • First Laptop

    First Laptop
    The first laptop to be available was the Osborne 1, released in 1981 by the Osborne Computer Corporation. But, this laptop could only run off of a direct power supply, it didn't have a battery! Adam Osborne invented this and his assistant Katie Spencer helped too. It cost $1795! (in US dollars)
  • Smart Phones

    Smart Phones
    A Smart Phone has revolutionised the cell phone world by being able to go on the internet aswell as being able to get emails and send. Most smartphones have a qwerty key board.
  • IPad

    The iPad, being the first tablet computer by Apple.It is somewhere between a smartphone and a laptop. It has got a 25cm sceen whice has a 1024 - 768 pixal resolution. It comes from a 16gb memory to 64gbs. It can come in Wi-Fi or 3g.The 16gb 3g costs around $699 in the US.