Kate's Internship Page

  • Practiced publisher

    2 hours
  • Period: to

    Worked on Newsletter

  • Workedwith bios

    2 hours
  • Made contacts/facebook

    30 minutes
  • Worked with Publisher

    2 hours
  • Set up internship timeline/wiki

    2 hours
  • Set up and tests skype equipment

    This took 30 minutes.
  • Worked on CSPA Newsletter

    Worked with Korey on Cspa Letter for 3 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Worked on my own time on CSPA News letter

    Worked for 1 hour at lunch and then again after Korey I finished at 7:00 p.m. for 2 hours.
  • Worked on understanding PB works

    Worked on my cspa internship page and timeline for 2 hours.
  • Worked on newsletter bios

    Worked for 2 hours on newsletter bios
  • Meeting with Dr. Cone

    Meeting with Dr.Cone, Lavel, and Allison about the Skype stuff and PB works at lunch for an hour.
  • Meeting with Dr. Cone on Internship Page

    1 hour
  • Work on newsletter roughdraft

    2 hours
  • Internship Homework (comments, timetoast, and updates)

    45 minutes
  • Worked on rough draft for news letter

    1 hour
  • Worked on incorporating pictures for newsletter

    worked on this for 45 minutes
  • Wroked on GASP newsletter

    worked on this for on hour before work and during lunch
  • Fixed Picture per Dr. Cone

    15 minutes
  • added more bios to GASP newsletter

    45 minutes
  • Finishing touches on GASP newsletter

    4 hours
  • emailed Kim, Erica, and Dr. Cone final draft of GASP newsletter

    5 minutes
  • Meeting with Erica, Lorey and Dr. Cone to look at GASP rough draft

    1 hour
  • meeting with Dr. Cone, Erica, and Korey over final draft of GASP newsletter

    1 hour meeting
  • Made finishing touchs on Newletter

    worked on this 1 hour before work and 30 minutes during lunch
  • Met with Dr. Cone to go over mistakes on newsletter

    Met for 40 minutes
  • fixed mispelled words in newsletter

    Worked on this for 30 minutes at lunch and then again for 30 minutes in the evening
  • Worked on CSPA Directory

    Worked for 30 minutes
  • CSPA Directory

    Worked 30 minutes
  • Worked on CSPA Directory

    Worked for about 30 minutes
  • Worked on design of Directory

    Picked out colors and design for directory for about 45 minutes
  • Alphabetized information for CSPA Newsletter

    Worked for one hour in morning and two hours in early afternoon
  • met with Dr. Cone about CSPA Directory

    Looked over cover of CSPA Directory and decided on format of addresses and names. Also added and deleted names. 1 hour meeting.
  • Worked on Directory

    Updates on directory and cover 1 hour
  • Worked on directory

    Spen part of the afternoon finishing up directory and getting approval for Dr. Cone before submitting this to the cohort for verification. 1 hour
  • Submitted Directory

    Submitted Directory to Dr. Cone and then cohort. 15 minutes
  • Do Editing to Directory

    1 hour total for all time spent updating at various times during the day.
  • Made Updates to Directory

    Began receiving e-mails from co-hort to change personal information in order for it to be correct. 30 minutes.
  • Meeting with Dr. Cone

    Met with Dr. Cone about orientation for 30 minutes
  • Orientation

    Worked on icebreakers for the Oreintation 30 minutes.