Robot Soccer

By andra
  • Atsuo Takanishi develops walking robot algorithm

    Atsuo Takanishi develops walking robot algorithm
    Bloomberg Business Week Online article from July 2 2001Like millions of Japanese, 45-year-old Waseda University professor Atsuo Takanishi is a robot maniac. His generation grew up on Atom Boy, a much-beloved TV cartoon series depicting a do-good child robot with superhuman powers. Takanishi made it his life's mission to build one, helping to make Japan the world leader in the development of bipedal robots. Takanishi made his first breakthrough in 1986, when he wrote the algorithms needed to program a robot to walk without toppling over.
  • Boston RoboCup Soccer competition

    Boston RoboCup Soccer competition
    from Boston Herald The "Robo-Cup" tournament featured robots constructed of LEGO bricks, gears, motors and microprocessors. The playing field was specially designed for the event with tiny goals at either end.
  • Japan proposes J-League Robot Soccer

    from Google - ExcaliburIn 1992, Japanese researchers met in Tokyo for a “Workshop on Grand Challenges in Artificial Intelligence.” Researchers brought up the concept of using robot soccer as a fun way to collaboratively promote and improve robotics technology. After spending time determining the viability and public interest of the project , a group of Japanese researchers decided to form their own robot soccer league. They wanted to call it Robot J-League, modelled after the name of Japan's own