Car escape

Thomas's how was the berlin wall built?

  • The wall first built.

    This is when the Berlin wall was built.The Berlin wall was built august 12-13.That night was when it started.
  • Period: to

    Berlin Wall Time span

    The time the The berlin wall was there.
  • Berlin wall Length

    Berlin wall Length
    The Berlin wall was a total of 103 miles long.
  • Flag of berlin

    Flag of berlin
    One of the flags of Berlin.
  • Berlin flag

    Berlin flag
    One of the flags of berlin.
  • Berlin wall advanced

    Berlin wall advanced
    The Berlin wall got stronger.
  • Start of escapes

    The Berliners wanted to go to west Berlin because it had better living spaces.
  • Period: to

    Start -Stop of escapes

    This is when the escapes most happened.
  • Berlin Wall Better security

    Berlin Wall Better security
    The Berlin wall recruited 1,354. men in that range.
  • Escapes

    Only a few peple escaped,156 of them died.
  • MP42

    The mp42 was a gun used.
  • Weapons security used.

    Weapons security used.
    The walther pp was another security gun.
  • The type 1oo

    The type 1oo
    This was another security weapons.
  • The security gaurd weapons.

    The security gaurd weapons.
    The Berlin wall security carried mp40's and mp42,mg46 nests and many more.The one in the picture is a mp40.
  • Security waepons.

    Security waepons.
    The more heavy weapon is the mg42 nest.
  • How long and wall security

    How long and wall security
    The security was getting stronger and stronger.
  • The group of escapes

    The group of escapes
    Many people tried to escape.156 people died
  • Escapes

    They got stricter.The way one someone escaped was through a car?!
  • Escape

    One escape was digging a tunnle to make family escape.
  • The Fall Of The Berlin Wall

    The Fall Of The Berlin Wall
    The East and West Berliners got tired of being walled in.They wanted to destroy the wall. so the military had a war and won. The wall is now destroyed.
  • Stop of escapes

    That was the stop because that was when the wall was destroyed.