The Chinese Dynasties

  • Shang dynasty 1600 b.c.- 1050 b.c.

    Shang dynasty      1600 b.c.-  1050 b.c.
    1600 B.C. - 1050B.C.
    Discoveries:China's first writing system
    Inventions:Calendar by the moon
  • zhou dynasty

    zhou dynasty
    discovries:Meditation, and Breathing techniques developed
    inventions:The first transportation canals
  • Qin Dynasties

    Qin Dynasties
    Discoveries;Terracotta army
    Inventions:Great wall of china
  • Han Dynasty

    Han Dynasty
  • Sui Dynasty 589AD - 618AD

    Sui Dynasty   589AD  - 618AD
    Discoveries:Stone arch bridge
    Inventions:Grand canal
  • Tang Dynasty

    Tang Dynasty
    Discoveries:Silk road
  • Song Dynasty

    Song Dynasty
    Discoveries:Paper currency (money)