Chris Johnson

  • Birth of Little Christopher

    Birth of Little Christopher
    Christopher Brandon Johnson was born November 15, 1991 to a very normal and loving family
  • First Day of School

    First Day of School
    Chris was sent away to school to began learning and start to shape his future
  • Started to Understand

    Started to Understand
    Chris started to understand adults a little sooner than expected, the start of his bad boy life.
  • New Hobby

    New Hobby
    Chris found a interest in skateboarding. It became to grow on him and became a huge part of his life
  • No Laughing Matter

    No Laughing Matter
    Chris became noticed by the way he joked around. Chris felt the need to make people laugh, it made him happy and made him feel good inside.
  • Boys Will Be Boys

    Boys Will Be Boys
    Chris and a couple of buddies thought it would funy to break an entering. Soon he would be put behind bars.
  • Communtiy Service

    Communtiy Service
    Chris began his 50 hour communtiy service where he started to have a interest in helping kids, and even learning from them. He even started to babysit
  • Summer School

    Summer School
    After years of back to back summer school, Chris decided to stop messing around and get back on top of life.
  • Schools Out

    Schools Out
    Chris Graduates from high school
  • Food

    Chris needed money so began to cook at a local dinner
  • Traveling

    Chris loved to cook and cooking started to get him famous. Chris would spend the next couple years traveling the world cooking for people
  • Who's That Ladie

    Who's That Ladie
    Chris finds a beautiful woman who makes him settle down.
  • Settling Down

    Settling Down
    Chris and family mover to philadelphia, where he spends all his time and effort with his kids and lovely wife. He can now die happy.