A History Of Major Oil Spills

  • Santa Barbra: 4.2 Million Gallons Spilled

    Santa Barbra: 4.2 Million Gallons Spilled
    A slick was created 5 miles off the coast of Santa Barbra. The slick was created by an oil well leak that lasted for 12 days. Through mopping, sand blasting, steam cleaning, and scattering straw, the slick was cleaned off the beaches.
  • Sansinea; 1.26 Million Gallons

    Sansinea; 1.26 Million Gallons
    The ship "Sansinea" was split in half after an explosion in the Las Vegas harbor. The vessel, comming for Libea, spilled 1.26 million gallons out. Cleanup gear was deployed within 2 hours and was used for the next 120 days.
  • Amaco Cadiz: 68.7 Million Gallons

    Amaco Cadiz: 68.7 Million Gallons
    The ship Amaco Cadiz ran aground onto rocks in Brittany, France. At the time, this spill was the largest ever recorded. From this spill, 125 miles of shore were affected.
  • Ixtoc 1: 140 Million Gallons

    Ixtoc 1: 140 Million Gallons
    An oil well 50 miles off the Yucitan Peninsula allowed 140 million gallons to leak out. The leak started on June 3rd, 1979, but wasn't contained until March of 1980. With the help of currents, wind, and the distance from shore, the leak never reached the coast.
  • Exxon Valdes:10.8 Million Gallons

    Exxon Valdes:10.8 Million Gallons
    An american tanker ran shore in Prince William Sound in Alaska. This spill was extremely bad because it affected some of the most abundant wildlife in the world. Through this spill, there was a one billion dollar cleanup fund put on oil spills
  • Megaborg: 4.2 Million Gallons

    Megaborg: 4.2 Million Gallons
    This spill only took one week to clean up which was good to the environment. The oil never reached the shore and all traces of the oil were gone after the first 20 days. This was partly caused by the first open-sea test of oil-eating bacteria on the oil slick
  • Kuwait: 37.8 Billion Gallons

    Kuwait: 37.8 Billion Gallons
    When the Americans invaded, Sadam Hussen decided to try to destroy as much as possible. he set 650 sources of oil on fire before fleeing. The fires caused by this incident took 8 months to put out.
  • Hurricane Katrina: 7.98 Million Gallons

    Hurricane Katrina: 7.98 Million Gallons
    This massive hurricane destroyed 50 oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Submurged gas stations leaked oil which added to the total amount. Plaquemines Parish had2 gas rigs alone which were destroyed in the storm.
  • Period: to

    Deepwater Horizon: Ongoing

    This spill was caused by an explosion and a 2 day fire on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, which sat 50 miles off shore. When the rig sank, the pipe leading to the oil source broke. Approximately 5000 gallons are still leaking out every day.