Technology Gantth Chart by Anna & Sunna - L4 - COTO

By abw
  • Client, Brief, Research

    Client, Brief, Research
    Need Opportunity - A present for someone
    Brief - Given statement
    Research - On the internet patterns and designs to get some ideas
  • Period: to


  • Design Development & Stakeholder feedback

    Design Development & Stakeholder feedback
    Develop design - Ideas by drawing decorations for your stocking
    Feedback - From the stakeholder on your design development may require modifying the design
  • Basic Skills of Sewing

    Teacher to give basic sewing instructions and safety rules and practice basic skills
  • Start Practical Work

    Start by first gathering materials moving on to sewing the stocking for the client
  • Decorating

    Decorate the stocking using fabric paints, embriodery stitches, and buttons etc
  • Evaluation

    Students to evaluate their final outcome in terms of its fitness for purpose and describe physical and functional nature.