Adolf hitler

Adolf Hitler

  • Birth of Adolf

    Birth of Adolf
    Adolf Htler was born into a small town of Braunav, Austrian. He lived on the border between Austrian and Germany. Adolf was the 4th chiled born but the 1st to live past the age of two.
  • Death of Adolf Father

    Death of Adolf Father
    Adolf father, Alois Hitler, dropped dead pn a table at an inn while he was drinking his morning shot. He was 66 Yrs old.
  • Adolf became ill

    Adolf became ill with a lung infection. He used it as an excuse not to go back to realscule. Thus ending his formal education at age 16
  • Adolfs Mother Dies

    Dolfs mother died a peacful and quiet death. 11 months before here death she was diagnosed with breast cancer.
  • Fathers estate

    Adlof redieves his share of his fathers estate Adolf decided to move to Germany.
  • Enlisted in Austrian Army

    Hitler gets enlisted in Austrian Army. This is the last thing that adolf wanted to do.
  • German Citizenry

    HItler gets a German citizenry he was born in Austria
  • Chancellor

    Hitler pressures hindenburg to make him Chancellor with more legislative seats, hitler was denied
  • Takes Office

    Hitler takes office and consollidates chancellor and president
  • Germanys Chancellor

    Adolf is sworn in as Germanys Chancellor and what became known as the the Third Reich was born.
  • Jewish laws

    Another Anti-Jewish ruling law was pssed. Theese laws were called Nuremberg Laws.
  • Breaks Treaty

    Adolf breaks the treaty of Versailles by building a giant military force.
  • Olypics

    Hitler was the opening of the olympics, the crowed cheered him on.
  • The Jews

    Adolf Orders Nazi party to carry out the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question"
  • Invasion

    Hitler ordes an invasion of Poland; Britan And France decalre war on Germany
  • Hitlers Death

    Bormann and Goebbels enter where Adolf was at the time. The found him sprawled out dead dripping with blood and a gunshot wound to his right temple.