• league of nations u.s. join

    league of nations u.s. join
    The league of nation was crested on 1920's .the prisident won 14 points.the end of WW2 was succesorys. the court of international justic was pacce treaties
  • jazz singer first w/sound

    jazz singer first w/sound
    The jazz singer was also created by 1920's. the jazz movie was so popular in the 1920's. a lot of pepoul call it the call talking because of the jazz singer there were making mollions of movies
  • charles linbergh fly across atlantic

    charles linbergh fly across atlantic
    Chales linbergh fly across atlantic in . the 1920s. by the 1925 in the 1925 in the air force reseve. an by the 1922 they started to fly. by the 1927 linderan clstanded the world..
  • big bang theory

    big bang theory
    In the 1929 it was the big bang theory. that associated the theory try to to explain how the world was created. the big bang theory made the regalish community mad. also the big bang theory split the u.s.
  • wall street crash

    wall street crash
    In the 1920 the wall street crash. in the 1920 they started the depression. the need eriedit to buy stocks.