The 1980's

  • Mt. St Helens

    On May18, 1980 like at 8:32 A.M. the tragady happended Mountain St. Helens Erupts. Everybody near that area got warned but, nobody wanted to listen. All the people that got warned didnt leave. 57 people died and more than 7,000 large animals did to. The avalanche Caused the mountain a big gap in middle of the mountain. the eruption of mountain St. Helens hurted the U.S. a lot.
  • President Regan Wounded

    In Mat 30,1981 Presidentent Regan got wounded by John Hinckley Jr. Our berly President Regan almost was assisinated but failed. Thanks to the failing of the assasin resident Regan did changes to the U.S.. President Regan picked up the economy. He cut the taxes and made people happy.
  • First Women Appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court

    President Regan nominated Sandra Day O'Conner. Everybody was nervis nobody thought that a women was goin to win. On September 21 they conformed O'Conner. O' Conner didn't have much competition. Sandra Day O'Conner officialy sworn an took her seat on U.S., Supreme Court on September 25,1981.99 were for and 0 were agianst
  • AIDS Virus Discovered

    Nobody knew why people were dieing for no reason. Doctors tried to see wat was happening. The AID virus was discovered. Many people died from it. Also the bad thing was that the doctors had no cuare for it.
  • Bomb Planted

    The Shittes. The Shiites planted a bomb in the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon. The shiites attacked the U.S.. Shiiteskilled 87 from the U.S. Embassy Lebanon. It was a sad day for the U.S..
  • Huge Pioson Gas Leak in Bhopal,India

    On the n ight od December 2-3,1984 the huge gas leaked happened. The MIC heated up. When the MIC started heating up the gas started to leak. 27 tons of MIC gas escape. The gas spread across city of Bhopal, India. They believe that 3,000 people died from immediate exposure to the gas.
  • Pac Man

    Pac Man the first extremly popular game ever. All the arcades were extremly full everybody wanted to play. The teens were always in the arcade. Sometimes even the adults were there. What does this mean that all the teens were waisting a lot of money. Just for the arcade.
  • Earthquak in Armenia

    The earthquak that happend in Armenia was terrible. Many people were left homless.Buildings were destroyed.May be about 80,000people died. This meant that the U.S. had to pay for the destruction.
  • Pan Am Flight Bombed Over Lockerbie

    At 7:03p.m. Decmeber 21,1988 the New York flight exploded. The flight exploded over Lockerbie,Scotland . Around 270 people were killed. Nobody knew why it exploded.After investagating for few day's. The investigation ended and they said that it was a terrorist atack.
  • Exxon Valdez Oil Spil

    In May 24, 1989 the Exxon Valdez had an oil spill.Nobody knew if the captain was drunk or not. About 10 to 11 million-plus gallons of oil fell in the water. It was a enviornmental disater. It was harmful to the water because of the animals that lived in the water . It took a long time to clean up the oil spill an to the U.S.